Is twitter losing its own value of the blue tick by making celebrities pay for it?

Elon musk’s twitter has removed the blue tick from the profile of many celebrities. While these are security concerns and $8 is not such a big deal for many celebrities, however there would be many who will refrain from paying that amount on principle.

The question is - If many celebrities decide not to pay for it, does the Blue tick carry value. The Blue tick verified mark was something that creators and celebrities worked to get. It was an achievement. If someone is paying for it, its not an achievement anymore. Furthermore, if people openly start mocking it, especially celebrities, the blue tick becomes an object of mockery rather then the valuable icon that it was.

We can surely appreciate Elon musk for the power of his personal brand and his disruptive presence in this world of ours. But surely, legacy products like the verified marked should not drop in their value. Especially if u are going to be selling it to customers.

Looking forward to more viewpoints if any.